About Us

The story of America has a strong foundation forged in the entrepreneurial spirit. Our people incubate incredible ideas that literally change the world!

Humans invented airplanes, light bulbs, emails, video games, chemotherapy, cell phones, microwave ovens, the internet and even chocolate chip cookies!

We are known to be creative, adaptive and resilient and “American ingenuity” is admired worldwide. The list of products and patents can fill encyclopedias and literally grows by the day.

And now—as the concept of traditional retailing is radically changing—America’s fastest growing online auction site Quicklotz is attracting phenomenal interest all over the United States with the launch of a brand new website featuring:

     • LONGER auctions

     • Opportunity to see the products BEFORE you bid

     • BUY option 

     • Stunning variety of items

     • Luxury at unmanifested liquidation prices

     • Global and domestic products

As a division of Lotz International, LLC which was featured in Inc. Magazine’s prestigious “5,000 fastest growing companies in America” Quicklotz has achieved tremendous velocity.

The goal is nothing less than to become America’s preferred online auction site with a combination of live online auctions and a full array of promotions unseen anywhere else!

Come join the fun! It’s fast, furious, fun and a great way to purchase all those items you want for a price you can now afford!